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Also please remember: you are better than that thing they call cancer, every second of every day. It's just some miserable thing that's been forcing itself into people's body/mind unwanted and it k...
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Hi, I'm Janice M W.
Oh yes, and the constipation. I would start taking Miralax type stuff a day or 2 before treatment and continue it daily for at least the whole following week.
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I had trouble with these drugs at first; however, an earlier recommendation on this site mentioned Magnesium Citrate and that helps me. We also generally have more pain at the age when breas...
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I'm cookie48, and I'm a survivor of Other Cancer
just found site and too late for your first round. Each person is different. I am going into #6 in two weeks my first is clear and the new shock to the system did cause nausea and vomiti...
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Hi Betty, looks like you're staying sane in the mix of things. Just keeping up with the appointments and decisions is totally overwhelming. Sometimes I find that I have too much information spewed ...
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Hi Betty, How're you doing? I had blood work last week and get results this week. Then my one-year CT scan in a few weeks. Has anyone ever heard of CimaVax-EGF vaccine? I'm wondering if it's used f...
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Hi, I'm JoAnnC
Hi. I’m in CA and am almost 3 yrs out from Merkel Cell carcinoma. I had the same treatment at the person above from OK and in addition I had 26 treatments of radiation. My Merkel Cell was in the...
  • about 9 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Beatrice E.
I was diagnosed with CLL over 10 years ago and I find the ACOR CLL e-mail list very helpful. You can ask questions and read about other patient's treatments and ways they deal with issues. I get t...
  • about 10 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Debbie B M.
I too have been on Gilotrif for almost two years. My scans are stable, showing no growth in that period of time. There are times when the side effects are raging, seeming to all be active at onc...
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Hi, I'm Francee S E.
I've taken arimidex for 5 years. I had horrible joint pain in beginning. I take osteo biflex but also exercise. So I do not have joint pain anymore. The dr wants me to take it for another 5...
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