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Cancer and Blood Disorder Discussions

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Hi, I'm Stefani R W.
I experience sever cramps in my legs and arms, that wakes me up at night. This has been every since I was placed on Halaven a year ago. I currently take Lyrica and it seems to relieve some of the c...
  • about 7 hours ago · Like3
Hi, I'm dcfagan
I am truly disappointed with the lack of care provided by this office (Coastal Radiation Oncology). The radiation techs are not at all empathetic. I have severe burn in the underarm area and it wo...
  • about 14 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Lisa M R.
Hello bob and Lorraine thank you bob for your words of support you are right I need to be positive and stay positive thru this new journey. Lorraine I just recently got a pot put in on my. It is r...
  • about 5 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Carol L M.
Yes, I've had Doxil but not as a single agent. I had it with Carbo. This was for recurrence of ovarian cancer after being in remission for a year. I do not have a port. It was not suggest I get one...
  • about 9 hours ago ·
I was diagnosed with b-cell marginal zone lymphoma in October 2016. I am presently in a watch and wait. The only symptom I have is fatigue and bone and muscle aches. My WBC is at 19. I've had one ...
  • about 9 hours ago ·
Its been a year now since I was diagnosed with CMML. Sill on watch and wait. Just started my first injection of Procrit to help with anemia. I've been extremely fatigued, bruising easily and suf...
  • about 10 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Barbara S B.
A nice wig will handle the hair problem. The good thing is, when chemo is over (plus a few months or so) your hair will grow back. (Mine came back really curly. I never had any curls before. It...
  • about 10 hours ago ·
I'm John Gehr, and I'm a survivor of Stage 1 Hodgkin's Lymphoma
I remember 3 years ago after my treatments were completed I felt the same way, "now what". It is like you have to start your life from right where you left before treatment. I still wonder if cance...
  • about 12 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm David P B.
Hobbygirl, That sounds like a long time to be on Revlimid and Dexa. Is your MM in remission? Have you had a stem cell transplant? Your symptoms are probably side effects of the drugs. I had abo...
  • Wed Apr 26, 2017 · Like2
I'm Mary M M., and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer
well first set of chemo is over; feeling weak but ok so far; i have three more over the next three months then surgery; it helps knowing what you have to through , the guessing is worse then the ...
  • Wed Apr 26, 2017 ·

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