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Hi, I'm DIANE E V.

Trying to understand

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  • Sun Aug 12, 2018
Hi, I’m N. Jill Winchel

It seems such a general diagnosis, until you learn the cause.

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  • Mon Aug 13, 2018
Hi, I'm David C.

I was diagnosed in 2016. After some tests and an ultrasound it was determined to be an autoimmune condition. My platelets have increased from 35,000 briefly touching 151,000 and the past couple of tests have been around 137,000. I was on Iron supplements for a short time. I stopped using all NSAIDs, stopped drinking all caffeine products, and stopped giving blood (141 total units given over the years). The reason for stopping blood was in case the autoimmune condition could be passed through transfusion. I get a CBC test each visit with my Primary Care Physician to keep an eye on things but no further action has been taken.

Give it some time to let them sort things out. Good luck.

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  • Sun Aug 19, 2018
Hi, I'm Pamela C.

I was severally anemic in 2010 after a bout of food poisoning in May. Ferritin levels beliw 3. Did all gastronomic tests to include swallowing camera and nothing definite verify- slow continues loose of blood in upper gut- possibly hiatial hernia caused or food poisoning. Received about 1/2 the IV iron infusion treatments, but diagnosed with melanoma and had wide extraction December 2010. Thankfully blood levels high enough for surgery. Still anemic, dizzy, fatigued Discovered I had a brain tumor in 2013. Craniotomy and resection success at Huntsman. Meningioma the size of 2 plums that was cylinder shaped and pushing my brain down. Almost 5 years cancer free, but still anemic. Have gone GF and many other diet changes and still have to take iron to maintain minimum ferritin level. Frustrating not to have specific cause or treatment- fine line balancing enough iron- usually every other day- and immflamuation from iron. I have also been on a mushroom supplement to boost autoimmune system. So far so good but would love to know specific cause.

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  • Sat Aug 25, 2018

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