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Pancreatic cancer

Hi, I'm Philemon B.

My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer September 2017. His tumor was 7 centermeters now it is less than one centermeters. He is taking a supplement called triomax it has barley beets and carrots in it. The website is he also drinks organic carrot juice we buy it from walmarts.

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  • Tue Aug 14, 2018
Hi, I'm Betti

I’m happy for your husband. My cousin is a 7+ year survivor of pancreatic cancer, underwent an experimental procedure that he was one of the first five or so that had it done.

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  • Tue Aug 14, 2018

What experimental procedure did your cousin have done? That’s so great that youth cousin is a survivor! I read that organic carrot juice is excellent!

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  • Sun Aug 19, 2018
Hi, I'm ssheldo

Are you saying that all your husband took was triomax and carrot juice with no therapy such as chemo or radiation? Was his tumor neuroendocrine? (slow type vs aggressive) Thank you

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  • Mon Aug 20, 2018
Hi, I'm Betti

My cousin’s experimental procedure was injecting chemo. drugs directly into the tumor and all around it. It wasn’t experimental but he also had radiation treatments. Every 3 months he returned to the Mayo Clinic where is chemo. was done and had a CT scan that showed the tumor shrinking enough where after a year it was the size they felt was operable. I’m not sure what he’s doing now but he has been a survivor for 7+ years.

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  • Mon Aug 20, 2018
Hi, I'm James E W.

What stage? Had it spread to the liver?

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  • Mon Aug 20, 2018
Hi, I'm Philemon B.

My husband is doing chemo along with the triomax and his ca-19 was 71 last month.

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  • Wed Aug 22, 2018

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