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Ovarian Cancer metastisized
I'm DEANNA R B., and I'm a survivor of Recurrent Ovarian Unknown Cancer
Is anyone in a trial using Cediranib ORAL and Olaparib* (Lynparza) oral? Please let me know what your side effects are. My Neuropathy has climbed from my feet up to my waist. I am taking 9 Gabapentin 300 mg. each day with no help. My hand and feet nails are also lifting from their nail beds, very painful. I now have to use a walker or a rollator to get from one spot to another.   Read more…

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A source of information and inspiration for women living with Ovarian Cancer and for their families and friends who love them.
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The NCCN provides guidelines for patients for a number of different cancers. Here is the site for the ovarian cancer pdf.
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